The Titanic became the second largest Lego kit in history

The main news of the past month is the unveiling of the long-awaited kit 10294 Lego Titanic. With a length of more than 1.3 meters, this is the largest Lego kit in history! It is second in the number of pieces, only the World Map has more (9,090 vs. 11,695 pieces).

10294 LEGO Titanic – 9 090 cubes for CZK 15,999.
The boat can be divided into three parts so you can admire the interior. You can find more pictures by clicking in the gallery.

The biggest surprise is that the model has, in addition to a sophisticated exterior, also a detailed interior. You can “break” the ship into three parts and enjoy iconic spaces such as a large staircase, engine room, dining room, smoking room or swimming pool.

The Lego Masters reality show is coming to the Czech Republic

Another and no less interesting news was the announced preparations Czech-Slovak version of the worldwide popular reality show Lego Masters. If you don’t know what’s going on, this is an elimination show similar to, for example, the Master Chef program, in which two-member teams compete. In each work, they have the task of building the best possible models on a given topic. The constructions are then evaluated by jurors, who also decide who will drop out. The winner will receive a Lego trophy, the title “Lego Master” and a financial reward. It will be filmed on TV Nova and if you are interested, you can already register via special form.

Sample from the 2nd series of Lego Masters USA:

Lego Group increases net profit by 140%

Lego’s recently published financial results for the first half of 2021 once again prove that during lockdowns, many people resort to building colorful Danish cubes – sales increased compared to last year the 36% and net profit even the 140%!

Click for larger image
Infographics on half-year results of Lego Group.

Traditionally, we also learned the 5 best-selling topics. Next to the stables City, Star Wars a Technic a series has recently appeared in the TOP 5 Harry Potter, which this year saw strong marketing celebrating 20th anniversary series and then also a series for adults Creator Expert, which appeared in the top five for the first time! Compared to last year, on the other hand, the Friends and Classic series fell out of the group of five best-selling series.

The company has also managed to move forward in the field of sustainability. In addition to the production of the first prototype cubes from recycled PET bottles the replacement of plastic bags in kits with paper ones was also successfully tested. Next year, we will not encounter cubes wrapped in plastic.


In China, he was BrickFanatics sale of kits is prohibited 40516 Everyone is amazingwhile local trading platforms are filled with Chinese counterfeits with slightly altered names “Everyone is Excellent” or “Everyone is Unique”.

Blog BrickNerd see v new article Focused on different creative ways you can build Lego cube bridges.

You can now find a free documentary on how to build the unique LEGO House on YouTube:

A new one will open on October 21 Lego Store in Dresden.

He appeared on Reddit interesting post, which shows how big some Star Wars ships would have to be if they were sold to a scale the size of Lego minifigures.

Carmaker Damage she noticed Škoda Trekka project on Lego Ideas and brought on his blog an interview with its creator Gareth Davies from New Zealand.

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Lego Group published the results research on gender stereotypes, which took place in 7 countries, including the Czech Republic. Among other things, it turned out that 71% of boys and 42% of girls are afraid that they will be ridiculed when they are seen playing with a toy that is not typical of their gender. The company is therefore committed to working to minimize gender stereotypes in its kits. This could affect in particular the pink-purple series Lego Friends, which is for its clear identification as a toy “for girls” long criticized by the public. You can read the complete report here.

Discounts and promotions

If you buy kits for at least CZK 3,125 in the official store and you are a member Lego VIP program, you get “Adjustable flying car” as a gift.

For every purchase of a new set 10284 Stadion Camp Nou – FC Barcelona members will receive Lego VIP program also a small net Celebrating the victory of the FC Barcelona team, which contains 4 fans in jerseys and with Barça flags.

And last but not least, you get for buying sets Lego City 60302 Rescue operation in the wild a Lego Friends 41685 Magic roller coaster double VIP points.


In addition, you can dial a discount of up to each purchase on the lucky wheel 20 %, the website claims that the discount does not apply to already discounted items, but when I tried to buy the above – mentioned sets, the discount was always deducted in the cart. Thanks to the wheel of fortune, you can win a beautiful extra prize for a number of other sets:

They currently have an event here 2 + 1 free on selected kits. Details can be found at the web. Information on which kits need to be purchased and which you will receive for free can be found directly in the details selected sets.

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