The unvaccinated serve as a springboard for the evolution of the coronavirus - Rossiyskaya Gazeta

The evolution of COVID-19 can occur in the body in both unvaccinated and vaccinated people. However, the chance of a new strain emerging is higher in someone who has not been vaccinated. This was stated by the chief freelance infectious disease specialist of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Chulanov.

According to him, a vaccinated person may not get sick at all and not become a source of infection, but an unvaccinated person is “like a springboard for the evolution of the virus,” the expert noted in an interview. RBK… That is why, in a population with a large number of unvaccinated citizens, the virus has a better chance of evolution and more benefits.

The number of such footholds can be reduced through vaccination. Chulanov stressed that vaccinations, as well as effective antiviral agents and anti-epidemic measures, make the main contribution to the future: will there be a dozen more new strains or the pandemic will end on omicron.

Earlier, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported that the omicron strain dominates the world, and a new incidence record has been recorded. The daily level of only registered cases rose to 3.4 million – the majority in the US, UK, France. The organization believes that the majority of the world’s population will be ill in the near future with the omicron.

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