The US approves a type of electronic cigarette: why this decision?

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorized this Wednesday the sale of a brand of electronic cigarettes RJ Reynolds firm for understanding that they can help smokers quit.

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Electronic cigarettes for vaping have been marketed and popularized in the United States for more than a decade without government regulation. Now, in compliance with a court ruling, the FDA has given its approval after studying this product.

The agency authorizes the sale of the Vuse brand of electronic cigarettes because it understands that the benefits of this device for adults who want to abandon the traditional cigarette outweigh the risks of addiction among teens.

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According to the FDA, Vuses help smokers cut down on tobacco use or even quit.

The FDA study concludes that Vuse reduces exposure to toxic chemicals in conventional cigarettes, agency director Mitch Zeller said in a statement.

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The Vuse brand offers cigarettes that have the flavor of tobacco, unlike many other brands that offer sweet or fruit flavors and that have become extremely popular with minors who, by law, cannot buy tobacco products.

The FDA and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a study last month in which they estimate that more than 2 million schoolchildren have used e-cigarettes so far this year, and 80% of them consumed products with artificial flavors.

The Vuse Solo, which went on sale in 2013, consist of a rechargeable metal device in the shape of a conventional cigarette.

The FDA rejected another ten requests from RJ Reynolds for authorization of products with other flavors, and continues to study a request from that firm for the sale of a formula that It contains nicotine and has a mint flavor.

The price of the shares of British American Tobacco – of which RJ Reynolds is a subsidiary – and of other manufacturers of electronic cigarettes rose after the FDA issued its first authorization for the sale of these types of products.



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