The nuclear submarine

The nuclear submarine “Kursk” was lost in the Barents Sea 21 years ago, and heated talks about the “true reasons” of this tragedy continue to this day. Photo: Press Service of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy

Nuclear submarine “Kursk” died in the Barents Sea 21 years ago, and heated talks about the “true causes” of this tragedy continue to this day. The official version – the explosion of a thick torpedo aboard the submarine – is still questioned by many experts and ordinary people. And not so long ago, the admiral Vyacheslav Popov (who commanded the Northern Fleet at the time of the Kursk’s sinking) again “threw kerosene” into this heated discussion. He stated that the submarine sank as a result of a collision with a NATO submarine, which came too close to it. By the way, he spoke about this shortly after the tragedy.

According to Russian and foreign media reports, in August 2000, there were three foreign nuclear submarines – Memphis and Toledo of the US Navy, as well as the Splendid of the British Navy – in the area of ​​the Northern Fleet’s exercises in August 2000.

The americans they immediately wagged their tail – either “our submarines were not there at all”, then “our boats were in another area.” Although one of the boats mentioned above, on the day of the Kursk’s sinking, trudged to the Norwegian naval base and got up there for repairs (even a photo of this boat, taken from space, appeared in the press). The states still do not want to talk about the possible involvement in the tragedy. Well, what about an English sub?

RIA Novosti contacted UK Department of Defense with a request to confirm the information about the presence of the British submarine in the exercise area. There was also a question about something else – is it true that the Russian defense department, shortly after the death of the Kursk, and in order to avoid misinterpretation, requested permission from the British Ministry of Defense to inspect the nuclear submarines of the Royal Navy. At the same time, the Russian Ministry of Defense asked the Pentagon to give the go-ahead for the inspection of two US submarines. But the military department was denied this and said that all the submarines “are in working order.” The same answer followed from London. Like, take my word for it. And this further strengthened the suspicions of many Russian experts that both Washington and London are “hiding their ends in the water.” Moreover! Now it turns out that in London “they cannot find documents” about Russia’s request to check the Splendid nuclear submarine of the British Navy. As RIA Novosti was told in the British Ministry of Defense, the department “has no records that satisfy this part of the request.” At the same time, they said that such records can be disclosed “only upon special request under the law on freedom of information.” Well, let’s make one more request. And if need be, more than one. The truth about the death of 118 Kursk sailors obliges us to break through the bastions of lies.

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