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AMC has announced that The Walking Dead’s new spin-off will be officially released in 2022

The Walking Dead wins new derivative series - Photo: Reproduction


The Walking Dead wins new derivative series – Photo: Reproduction

The series The Walking Dead, which has 11 seasons, will gain another derivative production, called ‘Tales of the Walking Dead’, and was recently made official by the American pay channel AMC. The new production will be an anthology, which will tell isolated stories in episodes of up to one hour. This means that characters who have already died in the main plot can re-appear in the new attraction in a story set before their death.

With a season of six episodes, the president of programming at AMC, Dan McDermott, said the idea of ​​building the spin-off in the anthological format came after the success of plots such as “Black Mirror” and “Beyond Imagination”. “We saw the appeal of this format and are excited to engage fans in this new way,” he said.

Channing Powell, who works as a screenwriter and producer for The Walking Dead e Fear the Walking Dead will be the showrunner of the new production, which is scheduled to start filming next year.

The main series, which wrapped up the first part of its 11th and final season on Sunday, October 10, returns in February for eight more episodes, but will have another break before the final stretch, with the final chapters scheduled for northern autumn only. -American of 2022.

No brazil, “The Walking Dead” is displayed by the Star+ streaming platform.

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