This Friday Djokovic's entry visa to Australia was canceled for the second time and he could be deported.  Photo EFE

The theme has been recurring for 10 days and when it seems to find a way out of the labyrinth, it reappears at the entrance. Novak Djokovic was again on the ropes this Friday. The Australian government canceled his visa to enter the country for the second time and it will be a court that decides in the next few hours whether to confirm his deportation. The tennis player’s lawyers, meanwhile, managed to appeal the ruling and want him to remain in the country to play the Australian Open that begins on Monday and in which he already has a first-round rival.

In this dispute that does not find a verdict, several tennis players came out to mark their position, from the most critical view of Rafael Nadal stressing that the Serbian must assume the consequences of his anti-vaccine policy, to more contemplative views for the athlete once he had already achieved the medical exemption and entered Australia.

“Bad story for everyone, but this is not the time to get mad at Novak. I’m not going to sit here and start kicking Novak while he’s on the ground,” Briton Andy Murray said on Friday after reaching the tournament final. Sydney ATP, the first of its kind for him in two years.

“It’s a situation that’s been going on for too long. It’s not good for tennis, it’s not good for the Australian Open and it’s not good for him either. I don’t know which way he’s come, how long the appeal takes, if he can train. today or play on Monday, but I just know a solution is needed.”

At the same time, Murray expressed a clear stance on vaccinations and, unlike Djokovic, invited everyone to get vaccinated. “When I got my booster shot in Britain, the nurse who gave it to me revealed that all patients in intensive care were not vaccinated. It makes sense to me that they all get vaccinated. Most of them, those who are young people or athletes will do well, but we must all do our part,” he added.

This Friday Djokovic’s entry visa to Australia was canceled for the second time and he could be deported. Photo EFE

In return, the Ukrainian tennis player Illya Marchenko chose to question the Australian government that attacked Djokovic even after the first ruling in his favor in the court of law.

“They say that ‘the rules are the rules’, but they lose their own judgment. They found a way to cancel the visas. So what were the rules at the beginning? Ah, I forgot. There are elections soon. Strength, Djokovic,” he said.

The American Tennys Sandgren also charged against the handling of the matter and how the final decision is being delayed. “This is a ritual of humiliation. It should be taken as an example. The docile ones felt uncomfortable,” he wrote on his Twitter.

Different is the position of Justine Henin, seven-time winner of a Grand Slam, who believed that the Serb should not play the Australian Open and emphasized the massive discontent of the public in that country. “I’m not saying Djokovic doesn’t have to fight,” he said, “because he thought it was the right thing to do, but I think now it’s been shown that a lot of Australians don’t want him to play. So maybe it’s better for everyone, for tennis, for him.” tournament, and maybe for him, that he doesn’t play the tournament”.

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