The works of the “Foz Star” wheel in Foz de Iguaçu are advanced.

The Foz Star Ferris wheel is progressing at a good pace, near the works of the Bridge of the Integration of the Three Borders. It is estimated to have 88 meters high, which will allow the visitor to have an overview of the entire border.

It is an engineering project, with a gigantic infrastructure and luminosity capable of seeing, observing and admire from above the border cities between Ciudad del Este and Foz do Iguacu with the bridge that will have as a tourist attraction a park with a giant Ferris wheel (Around the World).

A sunset in Brazil with a view of Paraguay and Argentina is the Frame of the Three Borders that they promise to position from the operation of “Foz Star”.

The union of the Iguazú and Paraná rivers is part of a unique scenic show that will be enhanced for visitors who can enjoy it from a Ferris wheel. “It will be the largest Ferris wheel in Latin America with the capacity to transport 432 people every 15 minutess. The manufacturers estimate that they will be visited by a million people with 60 reais, one has 15 minutes to admire the beauty of the panoramic vision that it offers ”, they assert from Brazilian portals.

The works of the “Foz Star” Ferris wheel in Foz de Iguaçu are advanced.

“It is not yet known when it will be inaugurated or its final height. But the Ferris wheel Foz Star, in Foz do Iguaçu, is advancing at a good pace, near the works of the Integration Bridge and will be a new attraction in Foz, from where you can see the three neighboring countries, from the Falls to the Itaipú plant, from Puerto Iguazú to Ciudad del Este, not to mention the two bridges, Integración and Amistad ”, published the site H2FOZ.

The portal Hapfun, which is dedicated to informing about amusement, theme, aquatic, leisure and entertainment parks in general, He indicated that the Ferris wheel will be called “Foz Star”, following the same pattern as that of Rio de Janeiro – Rio Star, belonging to the same group, Gramado Parks.

After preparing the land and installing the foundations, the assembly of the equipment has already begun, but the investment company, Gramado Parks, it doesn’t say yet when it will be ready and available to the public. According to the portal, there are “rumors” that the Ferris wheel in Foz will be 88 meters high and 48 cabins with air conditioning. That is, the same height as the Rio de Janeiro wheel, but with fewer cabins

Source: H2FOZ

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