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After coach Santiago Escobar made it clear that he will take advantage of the duel to see most of the players in his squad in action, an attacker from the quarry appears to start as a starter accompanying Ronnie Fernández.

Cristóbal Muñoz has already played against San Luis for the Chile Cup and against Audax for the National Championship
© Agency One.Cristóbal Muñoz has already played against San Luis for the Chile Cup and against Audax for the National Championship

When there are only a few hours left for the first Super classic of the season, which will be played in the summer tournament in Argentina, between Colo Colo Y University of Chile, the slate of the blues is not yet fully defined.

Furthermore, after in conversation with La Magia Azul, coach Santiago Escobar made clear a mixture in the starting lineup, in order to be able to see the largest number of players from his squad on the court.

As it is only a few days into the preseason, the Colombian assured that the players Jeisson Vargas, Anderson Contreras, Thomas Rodríguez, Lucas Assadi and Pedro Garrido will not travel to the city of La Plata.

But there is one who is quiet because of the stones appears as an option, before the titular formation of the University of Chile is defined. It is about the attacker Cristóbal Muñoz, who could be ratified within the next few hours as a starter in Escobar’s team.

Muñoz, 19 years old and 1.85 tall, already made his debut last season, when the Blues beat San Luis 3-1 for the Chile Cup, and when the Blues lost 1-0 to Audax Italiano for the National Championship, so it could appear again within the first team.

“In the preseason some youth Daniel Navarrete, Marcelo Morales, who already had games last season, Bastián Tapia, an interesting player, Lucas Assadi, Darío Osorio, where we see great potential. We like to promote players from the quarry, who They have been for years, feel the shirt. Everyone has been training. There is José Castro, Cristóbal Muñoz. There are a good number of players that we want to add competition, “Escobar commented.

For the same reason, it is not strange that more youthful names appear in the titular formation of University of Chile, for the duel against Colo Colo.

Despite this, according to information from radio ADN, the most probable formation of the Blues would be with Hernán Galindez; Yonathan Andía, Luis Casanova, Josema Carrasco, Marcelo Morales; Felipe Seymour, Camilo Moya: Junior Fernandes, Pablo Aránguiz: Ronnie Fernández and the “elegant goalkeeper” Cristóbal Muñoz.

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