their choice for Jacques and Gabriella

Charlene and Albert of Monaco have made a difficult decision for twins Jacques and Gabriella. The prince made new revelations …

How do the twins Jacques and Gabriella do they hold out against the state of health of their mother Charlene, from which they had remained distant for several months when she was stranded in South Africa? “They are doing pretty well “, he said in the latest issue of Paris Match. “They support her in her convalescence“, he added. But for young children 6 years old, it is difficult to stay away from their parents, however princely they may be. So Prince Albert and Charlene of Monaco made a decision. “My family is my priority: without neglecting the affairs of the State, I show myself as present as possible with them. What makes it easier is that Jacques and Gabriella are now schooled at the palace“, he revealed to the weekly.

Jacques and Gabriella: the decision of Charlene and Albert of Monaco

It is now in asmall delocalized class” at Monaco that Jacques and Gabriella spend their year of CP. “If the situation was normal“, the twins would have been educated in the establishment François-d’Assise-Nicolas-Barré.”They were already confined to the palace last year, at the height of the health crisis. We made this decision with Princess Charlene to adapt this device in a larger room, which can accommodate six children“, detailed Albert II of Monaco. When”the situation will develop favorably“, the twins will be able to return to normal schooling.

Charlene of Monaco, suffering from a “serious illness”? Prince Albert speaks

For now, the Princess of Monaco, treated for an ENT infection, rests far from the Rock. And for good reason. “Charlene was really exhausted. a general exhaustion, physical and moral. So we decided together, and with our close families, that the best thing would be that she could to rest calmly, outside of Monaco“, explained Prince Albert II, before however reassuring on the state of health of his wife:”The princess does not suffer from any serious or incurable illness. It is not a couple problem either. Our couple is absolutely not in danger“.

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