Thelminha lands in Salvador to enjoy Carnival

Thelminha landed in Salvador this Monday (20) to enjoy the carnival in the capital of Bahia. After parading through Mangueira, which had a plot turned to Bahia, the ex-BBB is enjoying one of the boxes on the Dodô circuit and warned that she came to “play herself”.

“I am in love with Carnival. I participated in the carnival in São Paulo, which is my city that I love, then I went to Rio, I paraded yesterday in Mangueira, but I couldn’t stop coming to honor the carnival in Salvador. In fact, I think it’s the biggest carnival we have. Here I came to have fun, because in São Paulo and Rio I had that butterfly in my stomach because of the parades, here I came to really play, it’s a very good energy”, he said.

And the doctor has already been vibrating a little bit of Bahia since Sunday night (19), when she represented the Bahian capital’s carnival at Sapucaí. Thelminha gave details about the costume she used and the concept that involved the two parades she participated in the parades of the samba schools in both Rio and São Paulo.

“It was very special. I came representing the ancestry of the plot, the first black samurai. We managed to bring good references, references even to candomblé, which I like a lot, which sews a lot on this importance of people taking these religions of African origin, our ancestry. And in Mangueira, a beautiful plot paying homage to Bahia. There was a lot of positive energy on the avenue and I was representing Salvador’s carnival, so I came up with that vibrant color”, he explained.

At another time, Thelminha revealed that it is not the first time at the party. She said that even before winning the BBB, 4 years ago, she had already enjoyed Carnival in the city a lot, enjoying Pelourinho more. This year, however, the transition should be faster.

“I’m only going to stay here in two cabins that I was invited to. I wanted to play more, but I already have pain in my body. I want to see Thiaguinho too, that I’m a super fan and bell, that I’m also a super fan….”, he said.

Finally, Thelminha was asked about the BBB and did not reveal that she had no declared supporters or a favorite for the award, but that she is accompanying some of the participants.

“I like a lot of people in there, but there isn’t one person who is my favorite. Out here I know Aline, who I identify with a lot, I also know Fred Nicácio, who is my professional colleague… but I’m rooting for all of them in general. BBB is very difficult, people judge a lot, but I’m sending positive energy to all of them ”, she concluded.

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