Theoretical license: experienced drivers failed our test!

Thirty experienced drivers have retaken their theoretical license to La DH. All of them have failed.

However, should more experienced drivers on the road be regarded as public dangers? The question, deliberately provocative, has something to be asked in view of the edifying results of a test that La DH has just carried out. With the help of the Institut Vias, a specialist in road safety, we had around thirty more or less experienced motorists re-take the theoretical exam: some had their practical license for 4-5 years while others had had it in their pockets for over forty years.

Objective: to determine whether drivers who have had the license for a certain number of years are still at the level of knowledge of the primary rules of the Highway Code in Belgium. And the test results are as frightening as they are challenging: out of the 30 candidates who agreed to play the game, all would fail if they had to retake their theoretical license tomorrow. As a reminder, an official candidate for the theoretical examination for the driving license must obtain at least 41 points out of 50. This corresponds to a maximum of 9 simple faults or 4 simple faults and one serious. Ten simple faults or two serious faults, and failure is guaranteed.

During our test, all the candidates made at least 10 mistakes. And only one made no serious mistake but would fail the exam with his 12 single faults. Finally, our candidates committed an average of 17.5 ordinary faults and two serious faults.

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