There are already books “written” by ChatGPT for sale on Amazon | Artificial intelligence

Amazon has about 200 books for sale written using ChatGPT, an Artificial Intelligence tool, a situation that is seen as a threat to writers.

The number 200 was advanced by the Reuters agency at the end of February and, in the following days, warnings emerged about the risks of this tool, such as that of Mary Rasenberger, executive director of Authors Guild, the oldest and largest organization of professional writers in the United States. “These books will flood the market and many authors will be out of work,” she said, quoted by the website. Business Insider.

The example of a book entirely written by robot It is ChatGPT on ChatGPT: The AI ​​Explains Itself (ChatGPT on ChatGPT: The Artificial Intelligence It explains​, in a free translation into Portuguese) and the paper version costs 11.9 dollars (about 11 euros), free in the Kindle version.

another is The “Wise Little Squirrel (The Wise Little Squirrel, in free translation to Portuguese), by Brett Schickler, a salesman from Rochester, New York, who realized the dream of writing a book, but with ChatGPT. It has 30 pages, was written in a few hours with this tool, and is on sale on Amazon Kindle, in a digital version, for 2.99 dollars (2.8 euros), or 9.99 dollars (9.5 euros) in the printed. By the end of February, Shickler had earned less than $100 (93 euros), he told Reuters.

Amazon has said that all books in its online store must comply with intellectual property rules, but has not said anything about a possible change in regulations on the use of technology. OpenAI, which launched ChatGPT, declined to comment.

Artificial intelligence promises a revolution in Internet search and other uses, but experts warn it also poses risks, such as breaching privacy, biased algorithms, which will require regulation, which is difficult to implement as these technologies advance rapidly.

Generative artificial intelligence models, such as those of ChatGPT, are capable of, from a simple text, generating extremely complex ones, answering questions, creating new questions, creating content, journalistic pieces.

In the description of the Portuguese specialist Luís Paulo Reis, made to Lusa, it is also possible to make programs for higher education or secondary education subjects, answers to exams and even create exams.

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