There Are Donkeys In Oscar Movies—But The One That Went On Stage Didn’t Appear In Any | Oscars 2023

This morning, Everything Everywhere at the Same Time was the big winner at the 95th Oscar ceremony, but the night is not just about awards: in addition to nominees and guests, there was also time for the animals to enter the stage. In this case, a donkey.

It was presented as Jenny, the dumb of the movie The Spirits of Inisherinper jimmy Kimmel, who was in charge of the Academy Awards ceremony. The supposed jenny it would have traveled from Ireland to Los Angeles, in the United States and, in addition to being an actress, would have another occupation: “jenny she’s not just an actress, she’s a certified emotional support donkey. At least that’s what we told the airline to put it on the plane from Ireland,” said the presenter.

With a red bow and a band around the back that announced the support services, the animal received applause from the audience and surprised the actors of the film Os Spirits of Inisherinas is the case with Irish actor Colin Farrell, who threw him a kiss.

The presence of the donkey quickly became a phenomenon on Twitter, but opinions were divided: the vast majority found it funny, but there were also those who claimed that the donkey was not the real thing. jenny. According to the newspaper LA Times, director Martin McDonagh and actress Kerry Condon confirmed backstage that this was not the animal used in the film. “We would never have allowed that to happen,” declared the filmmaker.

A donkey’s appearance at the Oscars also raised questions about animal welfare. A piece was one of the associations that expressed displeasure, since the donkey not only is not an actress, but was “used as a prop”.

“The dumb jenny is that you need emotional support. Just imagine the stress how it felt to be forced to be on stage in front of a large, noisy audience and so many lights”, reads in the publication.

After shooting the film, the animal that jenny retired at the director’s request and went to live in a donkey sanctuary in the Irish city of Carlow, writes the vultureIt isciting the animal’s former trainer.

In addition to You spirits of inisherinthere were two more films with donkeys that deserved nominations for the seventh art awards — and which, surprisingly, had donkeys in their cast or as part of the story.

AND THE, by Jerzy Skolimowski, who tells the journey of the donkey Balthasar which is the target of mistreatment by several owners until it was rescued by veterinarians, was nominated for the category of best international film, but lost to To the West Nothing New.

Already in the movie Triangle of Sadness, which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes in May 2022, a wild donkey from a desert island serves as food for guests on a luxury cruise ship.

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