There will be Prohibition and they will review schedules and capacity during National Holidays

Celaya, Guanajuato.- The address of Inspection announced through its director, María Azucena Arredondo that there will be coordinated operations between Civil Protection, Inspection and the Secretariat of Citizen Security to prevent establishments from not abiding by the schedules, capacity and health indications for the following national celebrations.

There will be no extension of hours for establishments, and starting at midnight on the 15th, the closing of establishments will be supervised.

Operations will be carried out with Civil Protection, Municipal Police and to comply with the closure, avoid the sale of alcoholic beverages and that the capacity is respected, right now due to the alert, 60% of the total is allowed in the establishments “, commented the director.

There will be Prohibition

In the same way, he pointed out that There will be Prohibition on September 16 from twelve at night until one in the afternoon.

So there will no longer have to be sale of alcoholic beverages at those times and on the morning of the 16th, until one in the afternoon ”, he stressed.

For people and establishments that do not comply with the schedules or the sale of alcohol, they will be Creditors upon closure of the site and the fine is equivalent to 1 amu to 45 uma, depending on the lack, being an equivalent of 86.88 pesos up to 3 thousand 909 pesos and 6 cents.

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