These 8 mythical events of Koh-Lanta deciphered: here are the most difficult according to their designer

In The Team Magazine, who devotes a large dossier to the show, Yann Le Gac dissects eight legendary events from Koh-Lanta. If his name doesn’t mean much to you, you’ve surely seen him on television: he’s the one who plays Father Fouras in Ford Boyard. And he too, therefore, who imagines the events of Koh-Lanta which punctuate the adventure.

In his analysis, the 68-year-old underlines the difficulty of three events in particular. First, the essentials poles. “At the slightest lack of vigilance, the sentence falls, especially since it is the last test of the show which closes several weeks of deprivation”, he said.

Then it is the dreaded ordeal of orientation that holds his attention for a moment “of extreme tension”, as he indicates. “It’s a game that can be spread over three, four or even five hours in a row. Sometimes we have turned over two days. The nerds are pushed to the limit. Of all the games, maybe it is the one that requires the most mental stamina. “

Finally, the test of lazy is also extremely difficult according to Le Gac. “It is the test of surpassing oneself par excellence. It reveals the characters”, he believes.

The other five events explored in the article, for various reasons, are the obstacle course (“When you’re good at this event, you often excel in others”), mud, torches, bow and stones underwater.

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