These are the three possible health scenarios for Vicente Fernández

Mexico City.- They have spent 38 days in intensive care for Vicente Fernandez at the hospital Country 2000, from Guadalajara, due to a fall on his ranch, in addition to that, he has the ailments of the syndrome of Guillain Barre, even if you are already under medical treatment.

According to information from the medical team of “Don Chente“He presents a slight loss of sensation in his limbs and muscle weakness, as a consequence of his unusual autoimmune disease.

As explained by the doctors, the interpreter of “This jealousy”Is still connected to a feeding tube directly to the stomach, in a delicate but stable state. So health professionals are enthusiastic about his slow recovery.

Press and fans of the singer awaited the update of the medical report this Tuesday, September 14, and although it was not issued as such, they did communicate what the three possible scenarios would be for the next few days with the treatment and convalescence of Vicente Fernández.

Luis Alejandro Ortega, reporter of Televisa Guadalajara, commented that he had the opportunity to talk early with a family member Fernandez AbarcaAlthough he did not specify with whom, he confirmed that the singer’s medical part will be revealed soon.

He also assured him that, together with the medical staff, three possible scenarios were raised to continue making efforts for the health of the charro.

“The first, which is transferred to the American Union, is the most complicated but it could be viable,” said Ortega. This option implies their transfer by plane, a fact contraindicated by their own doctors, since, due to their state of health, it is not recommended that they travel.

“The second, that an intensive care unit be installed in his home so that he can continue his recovery there,” added the journalist from outside the hospital. In this scenario, the conditioning in the ranch of “The three foals”.

“And the third that continues here after 38 days in this hospital where we have followed the evolution of his health very punctually,” said the reporter about the hospital center from where Chente has had observation and dedicated care in the last month.

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