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Bachelor of Psychology, flower essence therapist, facilitator of family constellations and thetahealer therapist, Juliana Maria Del Grossi has already transformed the lives of thousands of people with her specialized training focused on the human being. So, for those who want to end the year 2021 balanced and ready to transform their lives in 2022, know that three courses can change your life forever.

Three courses in Thetahealing will be offered, a self-knowledge therapy that transforms emotional, social, professional and family life in every way since its creation by the North American Vianna Stibal. It is a radical change in the body and mind that can help with many issues in life.

The courses will be taught in person in Campo Grande (MS) and/or online (via zoom).

Juliana Maria Del Grossi has trained more than 100 people, who are now working with the technique and transforming the lives of other people as therapists. But if you don’t intend to be a therapist, know that you can also take the following courses in search of self-knowledge, cure for depression, panic and physical illnesses that also manifest themselves emotionally in everyday life.

Campo Grande News - Real Content

There are three courses, see the schedule:

BASIC DNA THETAHEALING course – for beginners on the 29th, 30th and 31st of October 2021.

ADVANCED THETAHEALING DNA course – prerequisite: having completed the Basics – will take place on November 26, 27 and 28, 2021.

THETAHEALING Course DEEPENING DIGGING – prerequisite: having done Basic and Advanced – will take place on December 3rd and 4th, 2021.

*There will be a special package price for those who take the three courses.

The course enables the participant to apply thetahealing to other people. “I am a skilled instructor and I will teach everyone how to apply this technique to themselves, their families and others. Many of my students already work as holistic therapists”, explains Juliana.

What is interesting is that, in addition to transformation, the course can be an excellent investment for resuming professional life, combining knowledge, work and transforming results in your own and in the life of another human being who seeks help from a therapist.

Do you know everything thetahealing can do in your life? The efficient technique works with negative beliefs, transforming them into positive ones, awakens your intuition and clairvoyance, teaches you to do intuitive readings on the body – identifying physical diseases, teaches you to do intuitive readings on the person’s energy, identifying and accessing the beliefs that are causing emotional, financial, relationship problems, scarcity and illness.

It is a true mix of quantum physics, neurolinguistic programming, meditation and spirituality, which can also reduce anxiety, release serotonin and endorphins, accelerate the healing of emotional trauma, access the subconscious and many other transformations.

About Juliana – Juliana is a professional who stands out in the segment as a therapist and has taught courses since 2013, she has been conquering the market for her ability to pass practical and theoretical content with lightness and ease. “Providing VIP service. My strength is to train professionals in the area, giving individual support to each student”, he says.

Enrollment for courses is now open and can be done by phone or WhatsApp (67) 99611-3970 – (call right now).

Observation: Those who register by October 22 will get a super bonus: Free access to all thetahealing groups, which take place every fortnight, in order to practice the technique, per year, free of charge – Advanced Practice Group Bonus.

The courses will be held at Rua João Akamine, 859, Santa Fé (see how to get there).

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Campo Grande News - Real Content

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