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*** They already took

The PAN Carlos Arce Macias He is surprised because, despite the fact that the bosses of his party initiated a very aggressive expulsion process against him, now it seems that he is already detained, since he has not been notified that the file has been turned over to the Order Commission of the National Council .

* Not that much of a rush?

And it is that the hearing to make their arguments in the State Steering Committee was on September 24, that is, 18 days have passed and there has been no news that the file has been sent to Mexico City.

* It was for yesterday

This, despite the fact that Guideline 8, referring to the stages of the hearing, establishes that the investigation is closed, the file must be sent “immediately” to Mexico.

*** Nothing to see

If you notice that there is a member of the León cabinet whose last name is the same as the municipal president Alejandra Gutiérrez Campos, and it’s about Verónica Teresa Gutiérrez Campos, new general director of Institutional Development, do not think that she is a sister than the mayor. No

* We are not related

There is no relationship between the two, it is mere coincidence. In fact, from the same Sunday that she took office, Alejandra clarified that they are not relatives, but rather are from different families.

* From Congress to the Municipality

Speaking of the new municipal officials, others who are opening an office and desk are the collaborators of Jorge Jiménez Lona, the secretary of the City Council, who took two of his former advisers in the PAN faction in the local Congress to work with him.

* Old acquaintances

One is Mario Enriquez, who is now the technical undersecretary. In the previous Legislature, he became the coordinator of advisers for the blue bench when Jorge Jiménez left that position to go as adviser to the Judiciary two years ago. Before, he was also director of the Public Finance Unit of the Legislative.

* Making merits

And the other is Rodolfo de la Peña, who clarified that he is not yet in the Secretariat of the City Council, but on Sunday he was working in the first session of the Cabildo helping in the different procedures.

*No news at the front

The Superior Audit of the State of Guanajuato (ASEG), commanded by Javier Pérez Salazar, reports that its personnel went to the 46 municipalities of the state on Sunday to observe the performance of the acts of delivery reception of the situation that its public administration keeps, which were carried out without incidents.

* Less in one

Except in Yuriria, where until yesterday at lunchtime the first ordinary session of the City Council had not been held, in which, among other acts, the delivery reception is carried out.

* Could not

The one who has the matter stuck is the mayor Ma.de los Angeles López Bedolla, of the PVEM, because until yesterday, for the second time, the first ordinary session was not held, where it would be proposed to the secretary of the City Council and Treasurer, and the reception of the state kept by the municipal administration would be delivered.

* It’s a plot

Everything, because the 3 PRI councilors and 3 PAN councilors did not show up and therefore there was no quorum.

* Companions of height

In Mexico City, yesterday was installed, among others, the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, of which the morenista from Guanajuato is president Emmanuel Reyes Carmona, who will share legislative work with nothing more and nothing less than Solomon Chertorivsky, who was acting Federal Secretary of Health in the last section of the government of Felipe Calderón.

* Everything, as in the pharmacy

By the way, Emmanuel reyes He was making offers last week on his Twitter account about what he will do in this commission: fight for the causes of people with Cystic Fibrosis, breast cancer and other diseases.

* Joining Efforts

A few days ago, within the Forum “Present and Future Hydraulic Engineering” and within the framework of the Engineering Week, the agreement was signed between the University of Guanajuato (UG) and the Potable Water and Sewerage System of León (SAPAL) which will allow, among other actions, the development of joint projects focused on solving social problems or research on water issues.

* Look to the future

Enrique de Haro Maldonado, General Director of the Potable Water and Sewerage System of León, affirmed that it is vitally important to start developing projects during the preparation of the students, as it implies time, dedication and perseverance, “it is an opportunity that will allow them to develop in many ways.”

Doctor forever

Daniel Díaz Martínez does not forget his origins as a doctor, despite being the Secretary of Health of Guanajuato, and yesterday he began to help the nurses and vaccinate young people between 30 and 39 years old in Celaya, taking advantage of the fact that he had gone to that city to the signing of the agreement for the instrumentation of the Proaire.

And there he spent a good part of the day, not only supervising the vaccination, but also inviting the population aged 30 to 39 years who had the second dose against COVID19 pending to come to the Convention Center to receive it. And cheering for the nurses who have worked so hard in these days.

“Yes to the party, but only after being vaccinated, all the young people #VacunateYa”, he had published the night before on his Twitter account.

(Photo: Secretary of Health Twitter)

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