NATIONAL STOP.  The scope of the measure is guaranteed by the adherence of the strategic unions of bus drivers (UTA) and train drivers (La Fraternidad) (José Gabriel Hernández / LaVoz)

This Thursday the train conductors grouped in La Fraternidad will carry out a 24-hour national strike that will interrupt all rail services, in demand of “Better and bigger salary increases”, reported this Tuesday the general secretary of the union, Omar Maturano.

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Maturano detailed in a statement that “an immediate increase in assets is imposed before the loss of the wage purchasing power due to the high inflationary process ”.

The union leader and member of the CGT board of directors emphasized in this regard that “the 5% improvement agreed for this month, the other 5 percent for next November and what is recognized during 2021 is insufficient given the salary loss.”

The train drivers grouped in La Fraternidad will carry out a 24-hour national strike that will interrupt all rail services (José Gabriel Hernández / LaVoz)

“That 10% agreed for October and November, the last of whose percentages would only be received in next December, and recognized during 2021, it is completely insufficient with respect to the loss of purchasing power due to inflation”Maturano affirmed.

The union member assured that despite the meetings held to resolve the salary problem of the workers in the activity, “they persist in offering insufficient improvements, so The union called a 24-hour strike for this Thursday”.

The union had agreed in the middle of this year increases that, accumulated, and with a compensation for the past cycle, were close to 45%, although with the condition of a review in the event of a lag due to inflation.

Precisely the insufficiency of what was agreed upon due to the increase in prices is what Maturano has remarked to justify the protest measure scheduled from the first minute of this Thursday, which will paralyze short, medium and long distance trains throughout the country, according to the announcement by La Fraternidad.

Security forces carry out controls at the Morón station of the Sarmiento train, within the framework of the new restrictions to stop the circulation of the coronavirus.

The measure will be 24 hours and will reach the services of the entire country (Clarín)

Nevertheless, some kind of last minute negotiation is not ruled out between the union leadership and the authorities to try to reach an agreement that allows to meet the demand of the workers and avoid the measure of force.

The last strike of La Fraternidad was held Last December, after the failure of negotiations with the Superintendency of Health Services (SSS) for a “large debt with the social work” of the union, as reported by the union at that time.

But the Ministry of Labor issued the mandatory conciliation and urged the parties “to maintain the best predisposition and openness to negotiate the issues on which they maintain differences and contribute, in this way, to social peace and to improve the framework of labor relations within the companies involved ”.

At the same time, the Government arranged an operation for passengers to have the alternative of buses in the most important railway terminals to travel to their destinations.

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