The roving frame stopped in Plaza Pringles

The police managed to arrest a famous roving frame in the area in the heart of Rosario. They stole 11 cell phones and it is believed that he is part of a criminal organization.

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Following several similar reports of pedestrian robberies, the Troops identified and arrested the thief on Wednesday in Pringles Plaza.

The roving frame stopped in Plaza Pringles. (@JoseljuarezJOSE) (@ JoseljuarezJOSE /)

In the requisition they kidnapped 11 cell phones, for which she was immediately arrested and taken to the 2nd police station with jurisdiction in the area.

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According to the police hypothesis, This criminal works with two other natives of Tucumán. Once they steal a device, they give it to the woman to avoid being identified by their victims.

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