They ask Ale Gutiérrez for more security in Las Joyas

Leon, Guanajuato.- Inhabitants of The jewerly who attended the program “My Neighborhood Speaks” they sued the mayor of Leon, Alejandra Gutierrez Campos, more security in the area.

This care program is carried out every Saturday in communities and neighborhoods on the periphery to be closer to citizens and attend to their needs.

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This Saturday took place in the park of Solitude of the Jewels, in which different care and recreation activities were carried out for residents of the area.

During the event, the mayor Ale Gutierrez emphasized that: “Today I did not come to speak, I came to listen to them, that is why we are attending as a team, so that they can see that everything is being worked together”.

In this first meeting in The jewerly was accompanied by the local deputy of the V district, Aldo Marquez Becerra; the aldermen Jared Gonzalez Marquez and Guadalupe Vera Hernandez; the Secretary of Bonding, Daniel Campos, and members of the cabinet.

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The leaders of the colonies of the polygon of The jewerly, who exposed to the Mayor and her companions the different problems they go through as neighbors.

For more than an hour, authorities listened to the requests of the settler representatives.

Among the complaints they made, the one of insecurity stood out, for example the robbery of homes that happens daily in the area. Also the lack of pavement of the streets.

Magnolia Ayala, representative of Jewels of Castilla Dos, expressed that “We need more security rounds, since the elements that do it take a long time to reach the area where there was an affected neighbor.”

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In this new program, the neighbors were also able to make payments of Sapal and receive care from mobile units for medical care and pet sterilization, recreational activities for the children of the colony.

Aldo Marquez, local deputy of the V district to which this colony belongs, stated that “We are working hard and each of your complaints will be taken into account.”

Business leaders such as David Novoa Toscano, President of Apimex, and Elizabeth Vargas Martin del Campo, from National Chamber of Commerce.


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