They ask for the case of Ocoa's lawyer to be declined to another court
They ask for the case of Ocoa’s lawyer to be declined to another court

Ocoa – Relatives and close associates of the rank and file of the police, Jordan Medina and Yeurelin Matos Trinidad, Prisoners since August of last year in San José de Ocoa without any measure of coercion for the death of the lawyer Raymeni Castillo (a) Ray Castillo, asked to rule on the request for dismissal sent in September of last year to the Supreme Court of Justice.

The privates have been imprisoned since August waiting for the Justice of Ocoa to decide the measure of coercion requested by the prosecutors.

The next of kin assure that the case is paralyzed until this Supreme Court decides on the decline for public safety requested by the next of kin, “because in that town there is not the slightest condition to hear their case with impartiality and security for them.”

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They denounced that they and the attorneys Candido Simon and Miguel Duran have been threatened by people close to the Trustee who were a personal friend of Ray Castillo and have influences that he has in that Prosecutor’s Office.

They indicated that what they want is for justice to decide, “the General Inspection of the Attorney General’s Office was seized of a complaint against the Prosecutors and we do not know what has decided either.”

“As a family we have been prevented from going to the hearings because we are being chased by strange guys on motorcycles and in the town it is said that they are the Ombudsman’s people, but if they do not decline the case we are going to sit on a hunger strike in the Palace of Justice until justice is done with these boys who have children and are having work because they cannot keep them in prison for an act that that lawyer caused, “they said in a statement.

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