Irapuato, Guanajuato.- With the intention of helping flood victims in Abasolo, Hiram Castañeda González and a group of friends settled in his business, located in Irapuato, a collection center and this Tuesday they brought the first donations.

The collection center they put it in the ‘Cool Cats’ studio, with the intention of bringing a little help to the affected people of Abasolo, where they received donations from residents of neighborhoods such as Villas de Irapuato, San Antonio de Ayala and Hacienda Las Flores, as well as all the friends who joined.

Between food, diapers, clothes especially, we have sanitary napkins, children’s clothes, shoes, there were people who told us complete bags of shoes and non-perishable food, ”he said.

After the first installment, he said that they plan to continue with the food collection, because they know that the water level has not decreased, so the collection center will continue in its business located in front of Federal High School No. 3.

The idea is to deliver as far as possible, we go direct (to deliver) to where the collection center is, I would like to take it to the shelter, but I do not know if because right now it is the vaccination so as not to bother, so we are going to leave the things to the Abasolo Coordination ”, he expressed.

He mentioned that the collecting things for those affected is only a social aid and it has no brand.

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