They brought down the golden bull!  Is he that bad?

Two great world symbols that represent the Stock Exchange are the bull and the bear. We have some statues of golden bulls scattered in front of some stock exchanges like Frankfurt, Shanghai and even the Brazilian stock exchange, which lasted very little time due to the lack of urban planning license. The most famous is on Wall Street, located in New York.

The bull represents optimism and growing stock. When we think of the animal attacking its prey with horns, it attacks upwards, always throwing it upwards, which represents the rise of the bag. The bear, on the other hand, shows despondency in the market and a falling stock market. When it attacks prey with its claws, it knocks them down, which represents the downfall of the market.

Many people were uncomfortable with having this golden bull in front of the B3, considered a splurge while we have several serious problems going on in our country. I understand the indignation with our structural problems, but it is necessary to understand that companies listed on the Stock Exchange help the country to grow and you can be part of that.

Stimulus to the economy

When we invest in a company that has shares on the stock exchange, we are stimulating the economy, because the more money in the companies, the more they will be able to produce and the more we will have raw materials, as well as products and services available, and so the economy becomes more heated with money running.

This ends up attracting more foreign capital, that is, money from abroad is invested in the country, bringing factories, industries, or with investments in what we already have here.

more jobs

The more a company grows, the more jobs it generates and in this way we will have a lower unemployment rate and a higher wage rate. This generates greater autonomy and a better quality of life for the population.


The stock exchange and its investors, despite being harshly criticized by some social movements and political parties, are an important instrument for the nation’s growth and benefit not only investors, but the entire population, directly and indirectly. No wonder that the most developed countries in the world have well-developed exchanges, which move billions a year.

Understand that your life, your daily life involves large companies and that several are part of the stock exchange: the shopping center you frequent, the brand of food you consume, the car and bus you use, even the electricity in your home, all belong to companies that have their shares open to the public.

profit is good

I don’t believe that 100% of companies and entrepreneurs are correct and only aim for the good of the nation. We have already had many scandals and serious corruption problems, but this is a minority that cannot tarnish the reputation of an entire market that seeks only to grow and profit. Always remember that profit is what sustains development, technology, competition and especially your salary.

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