They call to convert a bill to a law that creates a system for the eradication of violence
Constitutional Court (TC) reiterated to the National Congress the exhortation to convert into law the project that creates the Comprehensive Prevention System.

During a solemn audience held in this city in commemoration of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women and the 61st anniversary of the murder of the Mirabal sisters.

At the hearing, headed by the president of the TC, Dr. Milton Ray Guevara, the high court unanimously approved Resolution TC / 0010/21 that demands the cessation of violence against women in all its manifestations and recalled the commitment of this high court with the values, principles and constitutional norms of equality between women and men.

The document, which was read by the judges who make up the Plenary, urged to introduce into national legislation the classification of sexual harassment in all its forms, feminicide and that the concept of gender violence follow the recommendations of the Evaluation Report of the Dominican Republic of the Follow-up Mechanism of the Convention of Belém do Pará.

The proclamation proposed to promote the incorporation of mechanisms for the protection, prevention and punishment of violence suffered by women.

In addition, she urged the different sectors of the Cibao region to join in the commitment to reduce the levels of violence, in order to combat all forms of violence against women within the framework of the social and democratic state of law.

The resolution was signed by justices Milton Ray Guevara, president; Rafael Díaz Filpo, first substitute; Lino Vásquez Sámuel, second substitute, as well as by the judges José Alejandro Ayuso, Alba Luisa Beard Marcos, Justo Pedro Castellanos Khoury, Víctor Joaquín Castellanos Pizano, Domingo Gil, Miguel Valera Montero, Manuel Ulises Bonnelly Vega, María del Carmen Santana de Cabrera, Eunisis Vásquez Acosta and José Alejandro Vargas Guerrero. It was also signed by Secretary Grace Ventura.

The solemn audience

The activity carried out by the TC and its Gender Equality Unit was carried out in the Gardens of the Hermanas Mirabal House Museum, the setting where the Hermanas Mirabal Chair was also held, led by Dr. Mu-Kien Adriana Sang Ben, historian , essayist, analyst, political scientist and Dominican educator.

The Gender Equality Commission is under the coordination of Judge Alba Luisa Beard Marcos and made up of Judges Manuel Ulises Bonnelly Vega, María del Carmen Santana de Cabrera and Eunisis Vásquez Acosta.

During the hearing, Judge Ray Guevara was in charge of the central words; Manolo Tavárez Mirabal, president of the Hermanas Mirabal Foundation, gave the words of welcome, while the notes of the national anthem were sung by members of the Association of Typical Dominican Musicians (Asomutido) and the choir of the Constitutional Court.

As part of the celebrations, prior to the hearing, a wreath was placed in the mausoleum, an extension of the National Pantheon, located in the garden of the house museum.

During the event, the artists Ángela Carrasco and Laia Indika performed the song “Sé de un lugar”, written by the Spanish singer and songwriter in honor of the Mirabal sisters.

At the end of the event, the magistrates of the TC made a tour of the Hermanas Mirabal House Museum.

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