Leandro Anfuso is intensely wanted for armed robbery.

After spending nearly a month on the run from justice, the Investigations Division managed to stop a Leandro Jesús Anfuso, a criminal danger that he was wanted for an assault in San Rafael.

Anfuso was caught at the exit of a house in the Jardines de Hualilan neighborhood in Las Heras On Tuesday afternoon, the Mendoza Security Ministry reported.

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Upon the 25-year-old weighed a national arrest warrantl to be considered “co-author of the crime of aggravated robbery for the use of a firearm suitable for the execution of shots ”, informed the Prosecutor’s Office of Instruction 2 of San Rafael.

Anfuso was one of the two assailants that broke into the night of August 21 in a warehouse in Maza and Pichincha and a shooting broke out when the merchant resisted.

At that moment, the assailants they placed the gun to the head of the grocer’s son and he reacted by taking a 9 millimeters and repelling them to the shots.

Leandro Anfuso was intensely wanted for armed robbery.

In the shootout, both criminals were injured and they barely escaped. At few hours fell the first of those involved, Angel Cáceres, while in the case of Anfuso managed to evade the Police until Tuesday.

After more than 20 raids in San Rafael, the prosecutor’s office in charge of Javier Giaroli spread the image of Anfuso to ask for the help of the community in the arrest of the assailant and finally gave a positive result.

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Anfuso had escaped to Las Heras and there he remained hidden until Tuesday’s siesta was detained by the investigative unit.

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