Marcelo tinelli not having a good television year. This 2021, the most famous TV host decided to innovate with a new format ‘the Academy’ and it was the eltrece’s great bet. However, nothing went as expected and the ratings plummeted.

Weeks after its debut, La Academia began with schedule changes. The reality series premiered at 9 p.m. and is currently out at 11 p.m. after Polka’s new novel La 1-5 / 18. Despite the driver’s discomfort, in the last hours a new time change was known, 15 minutes after 23.

Tinelli is not silent. Live and without a filter he launched several ironies and shocks to the production and mainly to the programming manager, Adrian Suar.

As reported by the Twitter account @RealtimeRating: “From Monday, Showmatch changes the starting time again: 23.15, while La Uno does the same starting at 22.15They wrote. With this new change, Tinelli’s program could start until 23.30.

In total, in this 2021 Showmatch received 5 schedule changes in less than 5 months. The numbers do not close and the channel is trying to exploit the programs that work to compete with an unbeatable Telefe.

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