They convict a man who showed pornography and masturbated in front of a girl, but will not go to prison

The Chamber of Cassation of the City of Buenos Aires confirmed the sentence to three years in prison suspended for a man who showed pornographic videos to a 5 year old girl, his partner’s niece, and forced her to watch him while he masturbated in a bathroom. For the sentence received, the convicted person will not go to prison.

According to the ruling of the Third Chamber of the highest Buenos Aires criminal court, the sentenced man forced the little girl to “to observe videos that contained images of explicit sex, which he exhibited from his cell phone.”

What’s more, “on an undetermined date within that period, the defendant forced the girl to observe him while he masturbated in the bathroom of that house.”

The events occurred between the months of April and November 2015 at an address located on Juan Domingo Perón Street, in the Federal Capital, according to the text of the ruling cited by the NA agency.

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As emerged from the statement of the girl, exhibited in the oral trial through the system of Gesell camera, the description was: “The uncle gave me the cell phone and put that video on. I told him: no man, I can’t watch that. And I made a joke, I told him I was going to go to the bathroom, and I went to the bathroom and went to the room. , and I went to sleep. “

The girl also mentioned that “on one occasion, the accused was in the bathroom touching his parts and he told her to watch him while he was doing it.”

The court made up of judges Mario Magariños, Alberto Huarte Petite and Pablo Jantus, rejected all the arguments of the defense of the convicted person. And ratified the conviction for “Obscene exhibitions aggravated by the age of the victim, to the penalty of three years in prison in suspension and costs, and imposed, for the same term, the obligations to establish domicile, submit to the care of a patronage and avoid establishing all kinds of contact with the victim “.

“The defense only described the girl’s story as ‘ambiguous’, without explaining in what way this could have any sustainability based on the entire evidentiary framework of the case, particularly in light of the circumstance that the victim stated that in the video scenes of ‘sex’ appeared and he described that as ‘something that the grown-ups do in bed,’ “the ruling maintains.

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