They denounce robbers who have whipped SDE residents
They denounce robbers who have whipped SDE residents

Santo Domingo – Residents of Villa Tropicalia, Santo Domingo Este, denounced that they are being hit by a wave of robberies and assaults at all hours of the day.

According to the complaint, the El Tamarindo, Villa Tropicalia and Perla Antillana sectors have only one National Police detachment.

In this sense, they considered that the barracks does not provide enough to control the robberies, assaults and other criminal acts that are registered in the area.

Residents say they are terrified and afraid they won’t even go to the grocery store to avoid being robbed.

In a video shared with our hotline, the residents reported a robbery on Juan Luis Guerra street in the aforementioned sector.

The images show the moment when two individuals, carrying a firearm and a protective helmet, took away their belongings from a daily loan collector.

They also sent another video showing the moment when four individuals, who were transported on two motorcycles, robbed two young men.

The films show how the antisocials intercepted a man and a woman while they walked hand in hand down Salvador Orsini Street.

In addition, it is observed how the criminals arrived on two motorcycles, immediately the rear passengers dismounted and cornered the young people.

Thus, by means of threat and intimidation with a firearm, they appropriated an undetermined number of objects carried by the victims.

The residents requested the intervention of President Luis Abinader and the Chief of the National Police, Major General Edward Ramón Sánchez González.

They ask the authorities to increase police patrols and other measures to solve the problem of public insecurity that affects them.

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