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Manuel Suárez indicated that the Red team always worked professionally and that they were very respectful in the decisions that were made.

Johnny Herrera was in the era of Pizzi where he had more participation in the Red
© Agency OneJohnny Herrera was in the era of Pizzi where he had more participation in the Red

A fight between Juan Antonio Pizzi and the squad of La Roja was what dusted off Johnny herrera a little over a week ago, ensuring that in 2016 the dressing room stopped the coach to tell him that they did not want to play as defensively as he was proposing, because they were used to going forward.

However, the former “U” goalkeeper was denied this afternoon. And it was done by Manuel Suárez, who was Pizzi’s technical assistant in the process that ended with the two-time championship of America, ensuring that the film that the goalkeeper saw was not in color.

“We never had a conflict with the footballers. It is not true what Herrera said, it was not the way he told it. The meeting to which he alludes was not because of that game situation, but because of something else and from there we talked about the ease that they asked for, “said Suárez on Radio ADN.

Then he confessed that the Red cracks never wanted to go over the coach at that time. “There was no imposition, they did not impose anything either and they were always very respectful from their place,” he added.

Suárez also commented that in that dressing room he never saw anything strange between the players. “There was not a rarefied atmosphere. We had two long periods of concentration in which the establishment did not have any type of problem. The disagreements were not noticed at that time,” he said in relation to the clash between Arturo Vidal and Claudio Bravo.

Finally, he applauded the work that Martín Lasarte is currently doing at the command of La Roja. “I have the feeling that today the coaching staff is taking things well and has combined misunderstandings that existed inside,” he closed.

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