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Lima, September 14, 2021Updated on 09/14/2021 11:22 pm

North Korea fired an unidentified projectile into the sea on Wednesday, the South Korean military said, days after the isolated communist regime announced successful long-range cruise missile trials.

SIGHT: North Korea tests launch of “long-range cruise missile”

The North, which has nuclear weapons, “has launched an unidentified projectile into the Sea of ​​Japan”, which separates the Korean peninsula and Japan, said in a statement sent to AFP the committee of the general staff of the armed forces.

In the immediate there were no more details of the launch such as the type of contraption or the distance traveled.

This shot comes after the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) announced on Monday successful trials of a new model “long-range cruise missile” over the weekend.

The agency called this technology “a strategic weapon of great importance.”

Images from the daily Rodong Sinmun showed the moment when a missile exited one of the five tubes in a launch vehicle in the middle of a fireball, as well as a missile in horizontal flight.

Analysts noted that this weapon represents a major advance in North Korean war technology, increasing its ability to bypass defense systems by launching warheads at South Korea or Japan.

According to the North Korean agency, the missiles hit targets 1,500 kilometers away.

North Korea is subject to international sanctions for its nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs, which it claims to develop to prevent a US invasion.

However, the regime led by Kim Jong Un is not prohibited from developing cruise missiles.


North Korea tests new "tactical guided missile"
North Korea tests new “tactical guided missile.” Source: [AFP]


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