Salta girl could not raise the flag because she did not have shoes and socks

The illusion and joy of a Chick by power raise the flag of Argentina in his school in Salta, but because she did not have the right shoes and stockings, the teacher did not let her. The grandfather of the student told his sadness on the networks and it went viral.

She is Constance my granddaughter. Today got up happy, earlier than usual: I had to go to raise the flag”, He began by saying Gustavo Ruiz placeholder image in the post he made on Facebook.

Nena from Salta could not raise the flag because she did not have the “appropriate” shoes and socks (Facebook: Gustavo Ruiz).

But the smile, with which you see the little girl in the photo, it didn’t last long: “The teacher didn’t let her go to the mast because ‘she didn’t have blue shoes and socks’“Said the grandfather and explained that Constanza”came back sadBecause he doesn’t understand the situation.

Ruiz said that his daughter, mother of the little girl, “is not doing well financially and he could not buy those items ”, which his teacher demanded to be able to raise the flag. In the networks were hundreds of users who repudiated the actions of the teacher.

Perhaps one day she will be appointed to raise the flag again, possibly when the education system has teachers with common sense”, He concluded.

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