They did not allow him to broadcast the cosmetic surgery live to Andrea Valdiri

Through her Instagram statements, the Barranquilla dancer Andrea Valdiri who would have sold some tickets to see her cosmetic surgery live was dispatched with those who prevent her from broadcasting her next entry into the operating room.

“The health society does not allow me to work, or spend me live and direct, neither on the platform nor in anything,” said Valdiri.

Attacked, unable to speak and with various solutions, Andrea Valdiri assured that she will transmit said surgery as it may. The dancer explained that she could open her website and post the video of the entire procedure after her surgery is over.

“They don’t let me go through live and direct why it can’t be done. Ready, as soon as the surgery finished, I transmit it to the minute on my website. No problem, it’s after a minute. That I transmit it, I transmit it ”, assured Valdiri.

After receiving several criticisms, the Barranquilla stated, “With my body I do whatever I want, I am not affecting anyone. So I don’t have the right to pay the cameraman, to pay the people who accompany me, all the families that work with me. When I do social work, you think that where does that come from? I am neither robbing nor robbing anyone ”.

The surgical procedure performed by the Barranquilla will be carried out this Wednesday in the city of Cartagena and will be in charge of surgeon Javier Soto.

They banned Andrea Valdiri from doing the live

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