Valdivia - David Montoya
Cauca River, where David Montoya fell.

The authorities confirmed that the lifeless body of David Montoya was found, the man who fell into a truck into the Cauca River last Thursday, November 18, along with his wife and son.

Colonel Carlos Andrés Cárdenas, the police commander in Bajo Cauca, reported that they found the lifeless body of David Montoya, who fell into the Cauca River, near Puerto Valdivia, along with his family.

The man was transporting cleaning implements from Cartagena to the city of Cali when they fell into the river, the current dragged him to the Cara de Gato sector, in the municipality of San Jacinto del Cauca, in the department of Bolívar.

The body of David Montoya’s 4-year-old son was found that same Thursday in Caucasia, Antioquia, and they are currently looking for that of Jackeline Franco, his wife.

The reasons for the accident are still a matter of investigation and it is not ruled out that David Montoya, who was driving the truck, had had a micro dream or that the vehicle had presented technical failures.

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