According to the newspaper LM Neuquén, both are in good health. The Police seek to protect them. While the Health personnel had already been summoned to verify that they are well.

This Russian citizen had no relationship with his son but since last Saturday he had been around the house where the victim lives with his maternal family, since his mother traveled to Bolivia in August of last year.

Kilin Adrian Zaitsev

Kilin Adrian Zaitsev.

The head of the Security Directorate Añelo, commissioner Claudio Vinet, explained that the complaint was filed by his uncles, who are in charge of the minor, at the 10 Añelo police station under the cover of “Location and Retention of person” and that they also warned that their father suffers psychiatric problems.

“The search is focused on Fortín Vanguardia, which is downstream. The entire area is raked,” added Vinet, explaining that personnel from Police Station 49 of Vista Alegre, Metropolitan Security, and the Mounted Division participated in the operation. and Canes, from the Aeronautical Division with the plane flying over the area, from Añelo Civil Defense, volunteer firefighters from Añelo, from the National Gendarmerie, members of the Mapuche communities of Painemil and Kaxipaiñ, and the president of the Sauzal Bonito commission, among others.

Likewise, Erik had been seen for the last time with a person – it would be the father – both on horseback and crossing the Neuquén river in the direction of Rincón de los Sauces.

“What interests us greatly is to find them both, especially with these high temperatures,” the commissioner had said, adding that for the moment they were not ruling out any hypothesis.

The suspect was imprisoned in February 2020 in a prison in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia, for domestic violence, while when he was found by the Police they found ammunition among his belongings, but no firearm.

When questioned about this crime, he said he did it on purpose to be taken to the Palmasola prison because he had a mission to fulfill in jail. Likewise, he proclaimed himself “sent by God” and maintained that he was crucified by compatriots, but that he was able to escape.

The suspect in the kidnapping of her son was engaged in the cultivation of organic vegetables and traditional medicine.

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