They give a last goodbye to Don Guadalupe Muñoz Muñoz, founder of Carnicerías Chuy

Leon, Guanajuato.- The funeral of Don José Guadalupe Muñoz Muñoz, founder of Carnicerías Chuy, They will be at 6 in the afternoon today in the temple of Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús.

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Starting thursday September 16 will start the novena in the temple of Santa Teresita del Niño Jesús, located on República de Chile 114 street, in the Bellavista neighborhood. The masses will be at 8 at night.

Don Lupe was the founder of the Chuy Butchers. Photo: Courtesy of the Muñoz Castellanos family.

Family members appreciated the displays of affection and affection towards Don Lupe, founder of the Chuy Carnicerías, for which he was well known in various supply centers in León, such as the Download Estrella, the Central de Abastos and some public markets.

There are no words to say everything that my father gave me and the legacy that he left so great and wonderful in my heart hurts in such a way that it is inexplicable ”, said his daughter Fabiola Muñoz Castellanos.

“What I do know is that today heaven is celebrating to receive an incredibly human man, a good husband, a good son, a good friend, a good companion, a good employer, a good uncle, a good grandfather and the best father that could have me. to have played in this world ”, added Fabiola Muñoz Castellanos.

The family is grateful for the love that he gave them all his life, “It only remains for me to thank God for these years that allowed us to have him, enjoy him, and learn so much from this wonderful human being.”


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