They hope that DR institutions will prevail to continue strengthening democracy

NEW YORK.- Dominicans residing in several states of constituency 1 in the United States expressed hope that the institutional framework in the Dominican Republic will continue to prevail to strengthen the democratic system and regain faith in the Central Electoral Board (JCE) abroad.

They recalled what was recently proclaimed in New York by President Luis Abinader: “before, to elect the JCE or elect the institutional bodies was a crisis, there had to be mediation; no longer, because this is a government that does not have to be convinced of anything, everything has been apolitical and nonpartisan, today the country is safe, today the DR is an oasis of democracy and institutionality throughout the region, and that is our commitment ” .

In a document, the Quisqueyanos consider “fair and transparent” the decision of the Constitutional Court (TC) to annul the election certificate delivered to Julio César Martínez González as councilor for the constituency number 3 of the National District and that Yovanny Soto Jiménez be restored .

Likewise, the court ordered to revoke the sentences by means of which the recognition of the Generation of Servants Party chaired by Carlos Peña was rejected.

The Dominicans who have been supporting the postulate candidate for deputy, Yomare Polanco, in his claims and demands that JCE officials allegedly committed fraud against him, disappearing suitcases, burning ballots and throwing hundreds of them into the trash, are waiting for the stop court continue to act attached to truth, transparency and justice.

They maintain that Polanco has presented evidence of the fraud and election officials in New Jersey confirmed to the president of the JCE, Román Jáquez, that they destroyed ballots, who later made it known publicly.

Leaders of different political parties in the country are demanding that justice be done with Dr. Polanco.

Among them, the PLD presidential candidate, Francisco Domínguez Brito, has proclaimed that the destruction of ballots must be thoroughly investigated, severely affecting Polanco, “because that is intolerable in a democracy that is respected.”

The former president of the Republic and president of the Fuerza del Pueblo (FP) party, Leonel Fernández, has stated: “I think that this has been investigated and evidence is being found, indications, evidence that there was indeed an alteration of the popular will ”.

“If this can be proven in this way, an energetic, exemplary decision has to be made to repair that damage and recognize the triumph of those who have been stripped, and of whom we already know deserves that recognition,” Leonel said when asked about the case. of Yomare.

For his part, the president of the Institutional Democratic Party (PDI), Ismael Reyes, has said that “Polanco continues his struggle with the support he has had where there are Dominicans who recognize his leadership, his philanthropic and social history of him and his family.

The senator of the PLD and spokesman in the Upper House, Iván Lorenzo, has declared that he would present before the hemicycle the demand for the TC to comply with the mandate of the law and rule in favor of Polanco, since he won his deputy for overseas ”.

The president of the PRD in New Jersey, Ramón Peña, maintains that he maintains his full and party support for Polanco as well. “You have to give him the deputation, since he won,” he said.

Gustavo Sánchez, spokesman for the PLD in the Chamber of Deputies, has stated: “We are going to be pending and interested in the TC taking a favorable decision as it should be, so that justice is done with Polanco.

The signatories include Julio Suárez, Francisco Franco, Elsa Tejeda, Doris Ramos, Cesar Collado, Juan Mañón, María Rodríguez (Nina), Lilliam Soriano, Karina López, Bishop Paniagua, Fausto Peña, Antonio Castro, Wilton Medrano, Gustavo Pimentel, Leo Rodríguez, and Mayra Torres, among others.

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