The Attorney General’s Office confirmed that he was sent to jail, alias “Crazy”, who is accused of committing different attacks as retaliation for the capture of aliases «Otoniel».

In video: Statements Carlos Roberto Izquierdo Ortegón, specialized director against Criminal Organizations.

According to the investigating body, “El Loco” allegedly ordered the murder of four young people and a minor, which occurred on January 18, 2021, in the Santa Elena de Tarazá neighborhood (Antioquia).

In addition, other violent acts are attributed to him, “Evidence revealed that, apparently, he gave instructions to activate an explosive device in the ‘Troncal a la Costa’. In this event, which occurred on October 30 of this year, the driver of a cargo vehicle died. He is also credited with an attack registered in Valdivia (Antioquia), on November 7, which left a pregnant woman dead and five other people injured., indicated the Prosecutor’s Office.

The subject was in a care center in Montería (Córdoba), where he was staying due to the injuries he suffered in a traffic accident and there he was notified of his capture.

The man did not accept the charges and was still sent to jail.

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