They installed new technology for air operations in three airports in the Argentine northwest

The new AWOS, authorized by the ANAC and approved by the National Weather Service, provide improvements in the predictability and safety of air operations, as reported in a statement.

These three systems installed in the northwest are part of a program of 18 AWOS acquired by EANA, and destined for aerodromes throughout the country.


Prior to implementation in Tucumán, Salta and Jujuy, these systems were installed at the Comodoro Rivadavia, Córdoba, San Fernando, Jorge Newbery and Rosario airports.

AWOS systems represent benefits in the connectivity of the entire region, providing accurate information that allows taking operational decisions benefiting service continuity at airports, as they automatically transmit high-precision data from meteorological conditions of the moment in the runway thresholds towards which the airplanes are directed on landing.

awos aéreo.jpg

Multiple sensors constantly record visibility data, runway visual range, cloud base height, precipitation level; direction and speed of the wind, temperature and atmospheric pressure, among other parameters, while on the head opposite the one used for instrument landings it records the wind conditions.

“In this way, the new technology provides accurate and instantaneous data that allows an improvement in decision-making and in operational safety in general, resulting in fewer diversions and flight cancellations”, highlighted the official information.

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