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The Senate of the Nation suffered a cyberattack with the aim of stealing information from its servers through hackers, reported the presidency of the body, which clarified that the situation has already been controlled and the data is being recovered.

Sources from the upper house indicated that the episode occurred last Wednesday, at 4 in the morning, and that it was a “ransomware” type attack, similar to those that were perpetrated in recent months against various public bodies, from the Judiciary and front line companies.

As was officially reported from the Presidency of the Chamber, the pirates “kidnap the information and then demand a ransom for it”, but, in the case of the Senate, “all the stolen information is public and is available to everyone within the transparency site.

“Since the moment of the attack, our Information Security team has been working. So far, it has been possible to recover most of the relevant information and isolate the sensitive equipment, which will allow us to recover operations as soon as possible”, indicated the press release released today.

The sources also recalled that last October the National Registry of Persons was the victim of hackers who stole information from millions of data and then demanded ransom for them.

The website of the Senate of the Nation was down from the moment the attack occurred, blocked and with the slogan: “Sorry for the inconvenience, the site is under maintenance.”

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