They killed a truck driver in Cauca and even burned the vehicle that was carrying wood (1)
Photos taken from Twitter: @ACC_truckers

In the last hours it was learned that a young truck driver was murdered in the sector known as Caña Agria in the municipality of El Tambo, Cauca, and even his vehicle – which was carrying wood – was incinerated.

The truck driver killed in Cauca

This is the young truck driver identified as Felipe I., who according to local media was approached by heavily armed men, forced him to get off the truck, hit him several times with a firearm, leaving him dead on the spot, and later burned the vehicle that He was carrying wood to Cali.

It is noteworthy that at the scene of the events they found pamphlets alluding to the FARC dissidents; however, the authorities are investigating which armed group is responsible for this crime.

Relatives and the truckers union demand justice; In addition, they ask for guarantees and more security measures to prevent new attacks.

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