Midas Man

Finally, more details of Midas Man, the new biopic that will tell the story of The Beatles’ manager, Brian Epstein. Now it was announced to the group of actors who will play the Liverpool Four in this new story. In addition, it was detailed what his participation in the long-awaited film will be.

What actors will play The Beatles?

Deadline reported that the actors who will play The Beatles in this new film about the history of the band have finally been chosen. However this time they will be more secondary, considering that the film will focus on the so-called fifth Beatle, Brian Epstein, and his influence on the group.

The young actor Jonah Lees will be the one who plays John Lennon in this film. This will be your most important role to date, although it is already known to fans of The Letter for the King, Netflix period series, where Lees plays Jussipo, as part of the main cast.

The musician Blake Richardson, who is part of the band New Hope Club, will play Paul McCartney. For its part, Leo Harvey Elledge (Creation Stories) will play George Harrison, while the debutant Campbell Wallace will have the role of Ringo Starr in the long-awaited film.

It should be noted that these are not the only actors to join the new film about the manager of The Beatles. The star of Peaky Blinders, Adam Lawrence will play the original Beatles drummer Pete Best. Additionally, animator Jay Leno will play Ed Sullivan.

Midas Man
Midas Man

To promote Midas Man, The first promotional image of the quartet of actors who will play The Beatles has already been launched. It quickly surprised fans, considering the resemblance they have to the musicians and the nostalgia it gives to see them back in their youth. at the peak of his career.

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