they made the spectators of Stéphane Plaza jump on M6

Stéphane Plaza once again came to the aid of several participants of the program Recherche Appartement ou Maison. On the program: an explosive couple, very Parisian criteria, a pharaonic budget, and a big disappointment…

This Wednesday, January 14, viewers discovered a new number of Search Apartment or House on M6. With Stéphane Plaza, they met the first protagonists of the evening: Amandine, a prima ballerina of the Paris Opera Ballet and Jean, a PE teacher and rugby player. This Parisian couple, in love for six years and married for a year, have had enough of living in the young woman’s apartment and now want to find the rare pearl at all costs.

Apartment or House search: very specific criteria

To do so, the couple went in search of their new cozy little nest… And during the meeting with the famous real estate agent, Jean and Amandine established strict criteria: an apartment of at least 70m2, with two rooms, bright, quiet, but close to shops, located in the heart of 11th district of Paris.

Amandine and Jean’s impressive budget

After establishing the first elements, it was time for Stéphane Plaza to discuss the budget. And there, surprise! Amandine and Jean wanted to put the (very) tidy sum of 860 000 euros (900 000 in case of crush) to carry out their quest for the perfect Parisian residence. One that has been widely commented on by Internet users

Apartment search… things are getting tougher in Toulouse

Direction Toulouse then where Valérie, executive in aeronautics, and Lola, his 16-year-old daughter, Lola, were looking for an apartment with two bedrooms and an exterior for a budget of 240,000 euros. With the help of Sophie Bensaid, expert in the region, the mother found her happiness by making an offer of 247,000 euros against the 255,000 euros originally requested. Audacity that worked!

No House: disillusion in Dijon

Finally, Fabienne and Philippe, a retired couple living in Île-de-France, called on the show to find a property near Dijon. They were looking for a house or an apartment with three bedrooms, without work, on one level, with a budget of 310 000 euros. Despite research, Romain Cartier asked Stéphane Plaza for help, landed specially from Paris to Dijon… But unfortunately, Fabienne and Philippe did not find a shoe that suited them.

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