They mourn the death of Sister Magdalena;  served those deprived of liberty
Sister Magdalena Valdez, the sister of the Mercedarias de la Caridad, passed away on Thursday morning for four decades.

Passed away this Thursday morning Ser Magdalena Valdez, the sister of the Mercedarias de la Caridad who for a space of four decades became spiritual mother of those deprived of liberty.

“As the first rays of the sun brightened on January 13, I was surprised with the sad news that our dear Sister Magdalena Valdez, of the Mercedarian Sisters of Charity, has concluded her days on earth,” the father posted on his Instagram account. Carlos Santana.

He stood out For four decades, Sister Magdalena dedicated herself to the service of those deprived of liberty, for whom she became a true spiritual mother and who at almost 100 years of age was still active in her pastoral service.

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“It is always sad to say goodbye to loved ones, but as believers we know that it is a transition towards full life and more so in the case of Sister Magdalena, who gave life in her apostolate the genuine Mercedarian charism: the redemption of the captives” , exposed the religious.

He emphasized that in life he stood out for his attention to the material and spiritual needs of those deprived of liberty, “it was like having Mother Teresa of Calcutta in front of her.” Santana highlighted the lessons of evangelical love and charity that this nun gave in her fruitful life.

On the death of this nun, Archbishop Emeritus Monsignor de la Rosa y Carpio also spoke: “Goodbye, Sister Magdalena, mother of the prisoners. That’s what they called you. In heaven you will meet them already free. With a handkerchief I dry my tears and wave it to say goodbye ”.

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