They murdered a teenager in Quilmes to steal his cell phone and bicycle

The main hypothesis of the fact is that Cancino was attacked with a stab at the thorax when they wanted to steal his belongings, including his bicycle, although later the investigators determined that they did not manage to get anything out of him.

According to the first data obtained at the crime scene, the student suffered a fatal injury to the thorax, despite which he managed to return to the door of his house, where he finally fainted and died.

The young man managed to get to the house with the bicycle, which was not stolen from him and was left lying at the door of the home where, according to neighbors, the victim lived with his mother, who was not there at the time, and his grandmother .

Meanwhile, the Buenos Aires Minister of Security, Sergio Berni, confirmed this afternoon the arrest of three suspects, although judicial sources clarified to Télam that at the moment the prosecutor in the case, Karina Gallo, accused two of them as alleged co-perpetrators of the crime and which will continue to investigate whether the third party had any degree of participation.

Quilmes crime march

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Sources of the investigation assured Télam that the two young people who are believed to have participated in the event are Rodrigo Rivas (19), who is suspected of being the perpetrator, and Juan Cruz Nazareno Mejías (20), his accomplice.

The third suspect is a young man who was with Rivas at the time of his arrest and, for the moment, is not directly linked to the cause.

“From what I have spoken with a witness, there was not even a resistance, it was almost like an intention to kill. To kill to kill,” said the provincial official during a press conference held this afternoon at the 1st police station. of Quilmes, where he added: “I am a father and it gives me goose bumps just thinking about Lucas’s parents in the way they have lost a child, there is no explanation, no justification, or anything that can repair the damage.”

Dardo, a neighbor of the Ezpeleta Naval District where the crime occurred, told Télam that he witnessed the final sequence of the event.

“I was leaving the house with my granddaughter and I saw that a boy ran out and another went with a bicycle to the side of the house,” said the witness, who added that the offender “was not very tall” and explained that he saw how the adolescent arrived badly wounded at the door of his house and there “he made a movement as if he wanted to look for some keys under the fence, as if he had dropped something that he wanted to recover.”

“I think it was the grandmother who opened the door for the boy, who unfortunately died almost instantly,” added Dardo. The case was in charge of the prosecutor Gallo, of the Functional Unit of Instruction (UFI) 4 of Quilmes, who went to the place of the fact to coordinate the investigative tasks, reported a judicial spokesman.

The victim’s body remained a few hours in front of his home for the expert work of the Scientific Police, which after surveying the scene, transferred it to the Ezpeleta morgue for an autopsy.

Given that a witness claimed to have seen the murderer discard a knife in his flight, the experts carried out a search in the area until in some pastures on Lugones street, between Syerra and Mozart, they found a knife with blood stains.

The event was classified as “homicide on the occasion of robbery” and in the next few hours the prosecutor will investigate the detainees between 19 and 20 years of age for this crime.

After the crime, about twenty people, mostly women from the neighborhood, who approached the section to demand “security”, insulted the suspects who were transferred with their faces covered to the prosecution.

Meanwhile, a group of neighbors concentrated at the intersection of Miter and Juan Varela streets, near the school where the victim attended, to demand “Justice” and the rapid clarification of the student’s crime.

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