They point to Cuba as the country under the most authoritarian regime in Latin America CubaNet

Madrid Spain.- Cuba is in the first position among the countries that live with authoritarian regimes in Latin America, revealed the report “Political Risk Latin America” 2022, carried out by the Center for International Studies of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (CEIUC).

Venezuela and Nicaragua follow Cuba on the list as least democratic nations in the region; considered “the three consolidated dictatorships.”

Screenshot of CEIUC report cited.

The first version of the report (corresponding to the year 2021), was marked by the devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, while this year’s “alerts about the growing level of uncertainty and volatility facing the region,” he explained. the CEIUC.

The entity states that, according to In the report “State of Democracy in the Americas 2021” by International IDEA, half of the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean “show signs of democratic erosion.”

To a large extent, this is due to elected leaders who erode their institutions and freedoms from within, and the lack of regional mechanisms created for the protection of democracy, the document notes.

Screenshot of CEIUC report cited.

It also refers to low levels of trust towards public institutions and dissatisfaction with the quality of public services.

As for the social protests that have taken place in Latin America, analysts consider that they are due to “frustrated expectations, of hopes that are fading.”

“Governments have not been able to adapt to the social and cultural change experienced by Latin America in the last 20 years,” adds the report.

As highlighted by the CEIUC, the objective of this research is “Guide the decision makers in the public and private sphere ”.

The Center for Studies thanked the collaboration of more than 170 experts, opinion leaders and academics in international relations from Latin America and the Caribbean.

The NGO Human Rights Watch (HRW) considered Cuba among the most critical in the region regarding respect for Human Rights, due to the regime’s systematic abuses against activists and citizens in general.

In the 32nd. edition of its World Report presented this Thursday, HRW denounced that “the Cuban Government continues to repress and punish practically any form of dissent and public criticism”

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