They protest in Higüey over long and tedious blackouts
They protest in Higüey over long and tedious blackouts

Higüey, La Altagracia – The residents of the Los Prados Sector, Higüey municipality, La Altagracia province protested this Tuesday over the long and tedious blackouts, which they say is “giving away” the Distribuidora de Electricidad del Este (EDEESTE).

Miguel Melo, a community member, explained that “they have chosen us as a guinea pig to apply a new electrical energy system, which consists of the installation of a box by Edeeste (instead of the meter).

He said that this does not apply because before the one who paid 2,000 thousand pesos of electricity, for example, and now pays 7,000 and 8,000 thousand pesos a month, for the same consumption, which constitutes an abuse that they will not allow or tolerate.

“We are up in the fight, if we have to go as far as President Luis Abinader, we are going to do it, but there is good abuse and mistreatment of so many working men and women,” he commented.

He added: “The light here is useless, our refrigerators, fans, air, televisions, washing machines have been damaged and nobody says anything, we have no one to complain to, the Edeeste management does not give us an answer, it is luxurious.”

The owners of grocery stores, hairdressers, workshops, salons, among other businesses, said that they cannot bear the situation since they cannot work.

The housewives argued that electrical appliances have been damaged due to the fluctuation of the power and its high voltage, adding that neither the Edeeste office nor Protecom have given them an answer regarding the large losses.

Those affected said that from now on they will keep on fighting and on permanent strike, using all the resources that are within their reach to see if the representatives of Edeeste and the other authorities of the municipality solve the problem once and for all .

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