They request information for the construction of a building in a square in CABA - Télam

Barroetavea assessed that the plaza “will be considerably affected if construction continues.

The legislator of the Frente de Todos (FDT) Matas Barroetavea presented this Tuesday a request for information to the Executive of the City of Buenos Aires to know the technical details regarding the construction work of a building in a square in Villa Ortzar, which generated the rejection of the neighbors who oppose the loss of green space.

In his request, Barroetavea requested information on the work that a construction company executes in the Plaza Malaver, which has the particularity of being a public space that has in two of its four corners a group of houses that have been standing for decades and that they belong, in some cases, to private owners and, in others, to the porting State.

On the intersection of Heredia and Girardot there are four houses, one of which – the one that overlooks the square – was sold and its new owner projected the location of the seven-story, 24-meter-high apartment building that is already advertised in the website of the construction company as a site “overlooking the square” and with “a gastronomic place on the ground floor to share.”

Specifically, the FDT legislator requested data about the request for permission of the work in the square before the General Directorate of Registry of Works and Cadastres, as well as on the characteristics of the project, such as “the character, the maximum height and the limit plane, tread surface, type and total constructability“.

He also asked if “the City Government has presented actions to consider the sale and purchase of the parcels of said block in order to consolidate the Plaza Malaver park development.”

“We understand about himthe importance of preserving the identity of the neighborhood and of the place in terms of the preservation of the neighborhood scale generating buildings with heights in proportion to their surroundings, and of the importance of preserving the public space not only as a meeting space, but also as a green space and landscape level “, indicated the legislator.

In that sense, I evaluate that the square “will be affected considerably if the construction of the planned buildings continues, both in terms of their sunlight and the generation of 24-meter-high dividing walls “.

The Plaza Malaver was a land in which the fields of two rival clubs in the area, La Paternal and Gutenberg, coexisted, separated by a fence, until both institutions moved to another place and abandoned that space that, being mostly empty. , was transformed into a green space that was officially inaugurated in July 1940.

The residents found out about the real estate project in mid-September, when the old house was bricked up and demolished and on one of the fronts the notice of work was placed by the City Government, so they gathered in the square to share opinions.

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