Lucas Cancino was 17 years old.  (Photo: Twitter).

a 17 year old student He was murdered this Wednesday morning by a thief who tried to steal his bicycle, when he was leaving for school. It all happened at the door of his grandparents’ house, located on Combate Naval street, between Ascasubi and Lugones, in Quilmes.

Police sources indicated that around 8 o’clock, a call alerted about the minor wounded with a knifeFor this reason, troops from Buenos Aires moved to the place, together with a SAME cell phone.

Lucas Cancino was 17 years old. (Photo: Twitter).

However, when the agents arrived Lucas Ivan Cancino I was no longer breathing. He had a stab wound to his chest that caused his death. According to a witness, the teenager had struggled with another young man, who threatened him with a knife to steal his belongings.

The boy's body was left lying in the doorway of his grandparents' house.  (Photo: TV Capture)
The boy’s body was left lying in the doorway of his grandparents’ house. (Photo: TV Capture)

It also transpired that the victim asked his grandparents for help after being stabbed by the thief who escaped and is wanted by the police. According to preliminary data, the thieves took cell phone, backpack and bicycle.

The Functional Instruction Unit (UFI) 4 carries out the investigation, in charge of Karina Gallo. Judicial sources reported that the victim’s body remained in front of the house awaiting the arrival of the Scientific Police to carry out the corresponding tests.

The event was labeled as “homicide on the occasion of robbery“And the police are intensely searching for the attacker, the sources added.

“Thieves kill like a game”, the claim of Lucas’s neighbors

There is no security anywhereUntil there is justice and the laws are taken as they should be and we have security, this will continue to happen ”, claimed a neighbor of the place in dialogue with TN.

“We want security and everyone in the place where they have to be. Let the Government be responsible, “he added, while saying:” Lucas went to Eugenio Pacelli school and they killed him because it is a game to kill. Now every boy who comes out is going to leave in fear “

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