Havana Cuba. – As a result of the five complaints of sexual abuse against the Cuban troubadour Fernando Bécquer published by the magazine The sneeze, several Cuban singer-songwriters and musicians have spoken on the networks to express their solidarity with the victims.

However, many of these artists, who shared common settings with Bécquer, claim to feel “surprised” by the testimonies of the five women, two of them very close to the capital’s trova circuit.

On her Facebook profile, troubadour Heidi Igualada posted that she had a close friendship with Fernando Bécquer. “Every time I stumble across a post of the latter triggered by the subject of yore, I do nothing but think about that Fernando who went to my house, so correct and gentleman, with his girlfriend at the time,” says Igualada, who confesses feeling dejected with recent complaints. “How much work it costs me today to process everything that happened, so many complaints, so much sleaze, so much shame!”

Heidi Igualada’s post (Screenshot)

“On the other hand, Liliana Héctor and Claudia Expósito [dos de las denunciantes] They are also my friends and of course I believe them, as I believe them and I sympathize with the other girls who denounce and were abused. I never suspected such abuses, and if rumors ever reached me they were vague. Of course, I was not too close to corroborate them or to notice something too obvious ”.

For her part, singer-songwriter Rita del Prado commented on networks: “This is very strong. I think of Lili, Claudia, the girls I don’t know and the toxic episodes and I still feel great sadness and anger ”.

Despite the fact that some troubadours close to Bécquer, as Ray Fernández and Raúl Torres, have tried to minimize complaints and naturalize sexual abuse, most of the artists in the medium have spoken in favor of the witnesses.

Yosvany Bernal, a troubadour very close to Fernando Bécquer, also published from his personal profile: “I have two daughters, I am a troubadour and this is my position. I support and am in favor of all women who one day find the courage to denounce people like this ”.

Post by Silvio A. Rodríguez (Screenshot)

For his part, the Matanzas singer-songwriter Rey Montalvo Vasallo questioned from the networks: “What does communism have to do with it? What does the trova have to do with it? Violence is violence. Is the place of the complaint the best? It is discussed later. Neither is Facebook justice, justice is in the courts (sometimes); but I do not question what one friend tells and another later. It is a serious matter and it must be assumed as such. Neither he deserves the harassment (nor anyone), in any case contempt ”.

Rey Montalvo’s Post (Screenshot)

The musician Frank Mitchel Chirino also posted the screenshots of new testimonies of women who had been violated by Bécquer and who requested anonymity: “Another girl writes to me to publish her statement. Each testimony broadens the magnitude of the horror, the pain, the disgust. How many women and girls has this guy raped? We need a comprehensive law against gender violence in Cuba, now!

From his profile, the Cuban troubadour Ariel Díaz, ex-partner of one of the young women abused by Bécquer, assured: “I believe that all these women cannot be lying. I know, because I was very close to one of them for years and, although it is strictly true that this issue was not discussed among us in depth and she decided to bury this matter of such a violent nature until today, it does not make her lose the right to report ” .

In the long post, Díaz explained that he has not tried to justify the behavior of Bécquer, whom he says he has known for more than 20 years and with whom he shared moments in which, according to him, no one has ever been denigrated, attacked or harassed. woman. “Of course we were years apart after that incident of which I had no notion of gravity until a few hours ago,” he added.

Post by Ariel Díaz (Screenshot)

Similarly, Díaz stated that he does not understand “how it is possible that only a few are singled out who allegedly ‘knew’ (or knew) of such disgusting misdeeds. It is more than evident that someone who commits these crimes does not brag about it or, at least, not in my presence. For this reason, it is unlikely that anyone other than the people directly affected in the events really knew what it was exactly ”.

Despite the wide repercussion of the news, some musicians have also shared the phrase “I do believe them” on their social profiles, alluding to the five women who denounced Bécquer.

Post by Haydée Milanés (Screenshot)

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